Best of Miami Guide

Before last year, I hadn’t been to Miami in over a decade. I had always maintained a view of Miami as being filled with beautiful people and luxury living, but very little culture. I could not have been more wrong. Miami is one of the most colorful and vibrant places I have ever been to. Last year, I learned what a unique and artistic city this lovely destination hosts, though we had very little time to explore. This year, I decided I wanted to dig in a little and see some new and exciting things which warranted another visit.



The Miami Airport has the most stunning walkway in the country. The gorgeous colored glass projects such a beautiful reflection! It’s incredibly beautiful and calming. The eagerness I have to get out of the airport just doesn’t apply here. Be sure you take a visit once you’ve picked up your bags.




Wynwood Arts District

I adore the Wynwood Walls area of Miami. It’s like no where else in the world. There have been some changes to some of the better known murals, so I wanted to share.






This magnificent wall, which is one of my favorites ever, is sadly no more! It’s been replaced b¥ the stunning work below.







Art Deco District

This is one of the most glorious places I have ever been. The whole area is littered with fabulous art deco architecture!





Versace Mansion

The stunning Versace Mansion is now a hotel. With the renewed interest from the Ryan Murphy show, there were a LOT of tourists. Sadly, Versace was killed on these very steps. The Casa Casuarina is an architectural marvel. There are so many intricate details, it’s astounding. Definitely stop by if you get the opportunity!











South Beach


As someone who grew up at the beach, I cannot get over the incredible Beach sights that Southbeach offers. The Beach Patrol Headquarters is gorgeous. It’s designed to look like a cruise ship. The lifeguard stands are spectacular! Not only are they an array of gorgeous color, but they are designed like no other stands! The starburst stand the swooped structure of the purple one? They are worth a visit!
















Lincoln Road


The Lincoln Road Mall in Miami is a fabulous shopping district. It’s a beautiful pedestrian area to stroll along, pop into some shops, and there are a lot of wonderful al fresco dining areas. It really made me forget I was in Florida, because it’s such an LA vibe. The architecture is still art deco and unique, and it gives it a really pleasant experience. The nice thing is that there’s a gigantic parking garage one block away. We discovered that parking in South Beach is almost impossible. There aren’t enough large parking areas, so you can literally drive around for an hour trying to find a place to park your car and remain unsuccessful. (Speaking from experience). This is a great place to get a table, have a glass of wine or coffee (or in my case, and Starbucks pink drink), enjoy the weather, and people watch.













Freedom Tower


This stunning building is a historical landmark. It’s currently an art museum, but was originally used to process refugees fleeing Cuba.




The Wolfsonian-FIU is a wildly unique museum focused on how art and design have progressed. Nate’s cousin Daniel and I spent an hour exploring the displays. It was very original with some of the subject matter. From antiquities to household goods from the fifties, to Worlds Fair souvenirs, there was so much to see. There was a special Julius Klinger exhibition while we were there showcasing German and Austrian posters from the time of World War I.






















Top: Draper James (Similar)

Skirt: Anthropologie (Similar)

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