National Stripes Day

Happy National Stripes Day! I love J.Crew for many reasons, but creating this holiday might be my number one! I absolutely love stripes, and having a whole day dedicated to them makes today such a fun holiday! I definitely don’t need to reach far to find an outfit for today.

Lately, after years of accidentally matching, Nate and I have decided to lean into the fact we have similar taste and purchase clothes that complement each other. I had bought us these matching striped shirts a while back, and we decided that they were perfect to celebrate National Stripes Day in!

I paired mine with my gorgeous J.Crew collection striped, ruffle skirt, a striped hair tie, and these fantastic multi color, seersucker shoes! (Seersucker is not optional on National Stripes Day)!

On such a perfect weather day Nate chose to stripes on stripes and wear his shorts that I got him for Miami! They are just the right nautical edge for a stroll down by the marina!

Hope everyone enjoys their Stripes Day!


Top: J.Crew

Skirt: J.Crew (available in Tartan)

Shoes: J.Crew

Hair Tie: J.Crew (Available in pink)


Shirt: J.Crew

Shorts: J.Crew

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