Rainbow Alice + Olivia Dress

The latest color palette for the season seems to be rainbow, and I am very much on board! This divine dress from Alice + Olivia caught my eye at the Saks in NYC when I was up there over Valentine’s Day. I sometimes have some difficulty with their sizing, but as I was at loose ends, I thought I would try it for fun and just see.

In the dressing room, I fell madly in love. This dress is so beautiful, and it made me feel so confident and colorful, and I dare say, majestic. I was mesmerized by it. I learned from one of the staff that it was on sale as well and I was completely bowled over. YES. This had to come home with me. It’s STILL AVAILABLE AND ON SALE. Seriously, ladies, snap this gorgeous piece up immediately. It’s the type of dress that will look lovely on all kinds of body types- so to my long and lean friends, don’t think that you can’t pull it off.

I thought I would wear it out to a special dinner with Nate, and so I did. I think it’s an excellent choice for an evening out!

I chose these neutral, blush heels from Kate Spade which are rapidly becoming my favorite pair of everyday heels. When wearing a silky dress, heels really help the dress to hang correctly on your frame, and this was no exception. The vertical stripes are so flattering, and I loved that was garbed in a silken rainbow!

Because the dress itself is so striking, I chose these white Loren Hope pieces so as to not detract from the colorful dress. I think they set off the colors nicely, and they too have become my go to pieces for these warm weather trips!

Dress: Alice + Olivia

Necklace: Loren Hope

Earrings: Loren Hope

Heels: Kate Spade

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