Cakespy and Unicorns

Friends, I am far too long overdue with this post, so please bear with me as I take a moment to share. One of my new year’s resolutions was to try to focus on what I could and could not do. I am sure you have seen my lack of blog posts recently! I’ve been putting in a lot of time behind the scenes to figure out more direction for this blog, and working on a new layout, logo, and social media channels. It has taken me far longer than expected, but these are the both scary and exciting parts about having a business.



So, in further embarrassment, I was holding this post back SPECIFICALLY for this holiday… and I overestimated and am now late! Happy National Unicorn Day, friends! To honor this most wonderful of holidays… I want to share an incredible accomplishment that one of my oldest friends has achieved and one that I know you will all enjoy!



My incredible friend, Jessie Oleson Moore of the fabulous blog, Cakespy, wrote a book this fall! (Okay, she’s actually written several books, including the most marvelous cook books and coloring books, but she wrote a whole new one, and I’m completely obsessed)! – to be fair I love and own all her books, but this one is particularly special. She wrote a book called “Stuff Unicorns Love.” WHAT? AMAZING.



Jessie and I met in high school (maybe middle school?) through band and art and Odyssey of the Mind. She was so incredibly talented (ps. here’s some artwork she did for our HS literary “magazine”).




Here is a pretty rad little watercolor that she did when she had a little shop in Seattle. Her artistic talent and creativity have always been exceptional. Her cookbooks were wildly popular (want to learn how to make Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict)? And her unwavering devotion to sweet treats and unicorns make her one of the most delightful people that I have ever met.



So, Stuff Unicorns Love… is just the cutest little book you’ve ever read! Do you like colorful things? Delicious donuts? Whimsical moments? This adorable book is available in both hardcover and kindle on amazon.



Have you ever pondered a unicorn’s groom routine? Apparently Unicorns are all about the self care! Gotta get that horn polished! Each page reveals a new illustration and a new set of facts.


And what unicorn doesn’t love a good donut? Unicorns have a lot of information to share, and Jessie has used her creative art work and adorable characterization to illustrate and write a wonderful book. There are so many more hilarious fun facts, excellent art work, and just overall cuteness in this charming book.


Let’s be honest, friends. I love Unicorns. LOVE THEM. I even own two pairs of Unicorn flats. I realize that may make me seem biased, but I strongly recommend this book! This is not a sponsored post, I just really enjoy all of Jessie’s books, and want to share with you all! This book is adorable, and it will give you a much needed dose of whimsy and delight and put a smile on your face. Trust me, buy the book and add a little bit of unicorn magic to your day! We could all use some.







Get yourself some sweet treats and #unicornmagic


Unicorn Flats


Stuff Unicorns Love

The Unicorn Coloring Book

Another Unicorn Coloring Book

The Cupcake Coloring Book

Secret Life of Baked Goods

Sweet Treats for a Sugar Filled Life





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