Seoul Coffee and Desserts

The first time I went to Seoul, I did a post about Seoul Sweet Spots. Seoul is a hotspot for coffee shops and dessert cafes, so I thought I’d share some more!

Milk Gongbang Ice Cream

Milk softserve ice cream is DELICIOUS. It’s truly oustanding. Just for fun, Nate and I stopped to take a picture with this cute ice cream wall art in the Ihwa Mural Village, and we decided to pop in and get some coffee and ice cream. Oh my goodness. It is creamy and dreamy, and packs so much flavor into such a simple dish. I highly recommend this!


Fatum Coffee and Wine

Fatum is such a hidden gem in Samcheong-dong. We actually had gotten lost and had wandered up to the higher ground. From street level, it’s pretty hidden. Fatum has pretty good beverages but the real lure is the the exceptional view!


Fish Treat

While exploring the Samcheong-dong area, we found a small shopping area, and passed by this little stand several times. We were dying for a quick treat, and these little fish shaped pastries are not only adorable, but stuffed with chocolate. A perfect little snack!

Churros 101

Churros are definitely made differently in Asia. Churros 101 stuffs their churros with creamy filling and coats the outside with a variety of toppings. This was the oreo churro and it was awesome.






Cafe Bora

For a true WOW factor, Cafe Bora is it! The ice cream is made from sweet potatoes, but definitely doesn’t taste like it! I recommend getting a variety of items. These treats are not only gorgeous, but were extremely tasty! This is one of my favorite Korean food experiences! One warning, the cafe is super tiny. Maybe 10-13 person capacity. Expect to wait in line for a table. We lucked out that we were able to snag one just before another rush came in.

Cafe Gallery

As a little back story, Nate and I betook ourselves to Buam Dong to check out some museums (which  were closed), the first chicken place we wanted to go to was closed, the shaved ice place we wanted to try was closed, and I was starting to get really frustrated because Buam Dong is not an easy place to get to as the roads are very tiny and very steep. We did manage to find this little coffee shop to get some drinks and some cookies and reconfigure our plan.

Boobing Bingsu Jib

This was one of my top places to visit, and of course it was closed. Gahhhh. Next time. Definitely next time. They make incredible shaved ice desserts, and I wanted to try them out very badly.



Cafe N Design

Not to be deterred by our bad luck in Buam Dong (Though we made it to our second choice chicken restaurant and the dumpling house), we decided to head to Itaewon for a long awaited treat. Since I first visited Seoul, I was dying to try Frank’s rainbow cake. Conveniently it is located within a block of the Macaron Atelier, on a street with very little else. They are BOTH closed permanently. (google still was providing hours for both and saying they were open). We were so disappointed. Fortunately, the N Design Cafe coffee shop was there. We soothed ourselves with their calming decor and delicious drinks.


Frank’s Cake Shop

Home of the rainbow cake, and permanently closed. So disappointing!


Macaron Atelier

WHERE ARE MY DESSERT CAFES! Searching for treats and not  finding them 😦 The famous Macaron Atelier is also permanently closed.

Innis Free Cafe

Fortunately, the Innis Free Cafe is standing, and does NOT disappoint.


Seoul knows how to do beautiful things! This tiramisu and creamy drink were as tasty as they were beautiful! There is a regular coffee shop and then a green juice bar upstairs. The whole cafe is just lovely. Definitely worth a stop by.




Myeongdong Treats


There are too many street food treats to discuss, and I know I covered a lot last time. These chocolate coated strawberry dumplings are gorgeous and delicious!



After all of the disappointment with dessert cafes all over being closed, we decided to check out a Korean standby, Sulbing. It’s a chain with locations all over, but we wanted to try their signature strawberry dish, and it was pretty fantastic. It’s a LARGE bowl, definitely too much for one person, and between Nate and me, we barely made a dent.



Korean Krispy Kreme

Why are donuts in foreign countries so much more beautiful than donuts at home??






We couldn’t leave Korea without one last treat. I promptly tucked mine into my purse and forgot it. It was a FANTASTIC surprise on the plane ride home, and it was everything I imagined! haha.


If you ever make it to Seoul, definitely try to check out some of these fantastic spots!

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