Love and Rugby Stripes in Chicago

Recently, Nate and I were invited to Chicago for our friend’s wedding. We hadn’t been to Chicago together since we got engaged in 2013, and there were so many things to see and do in the city since then! One thing I was really excited about was that I had a whole bunch of outfits to shoot, and I was eager to check out some of the incredible walls that Chicago has to offer. One of my absolute favorite bloggers, Jennifer Lake, is always posting these gorgeous walls from Chicago, and there were a few I was dying to check out! Little did we realize that the weather in Chicago was going to plummet from the predicted 55 degrees and sunny forecast at the beginning of the week to below freezing, rain/sleet/hail/snowy and miserable. Needless to say, we soldiered on, and still got some great shots, despite all of the (almost) hilarious obstacles.

One of the walls I was most excited about was this beautiful pink emoji heart “wall” / garage door. We literally planned to shoot 3 looks while there were breaks in the misting rain. We arrive at the wall only to find a GIGANTIC pile of dirt, randomly dumped right there. I was feeling so sad about it. I had specifically chosen this awesome J.Crew Rugby striped dress, and really wanted to shoot it in  front of this wall. After a weekend where it literally dumped hail on us, I decided that I was going to make lemonade out of snowballs and dirt mounds and get a cute photo anyway.

This dress is such a throwback! J.Crew decided to bring back several classic styles, and I was pretty excited about this one. I was a little nervous that HS Mary was the one buying this dress, but I was pleased to find that the style holds up and is still something cute and comfortable and age appropriate! haha. I love this pink and navy rugby stripe. It’s classic  and fun, and something I am pleased to say doesn’t go out of style. It’s also on sale right now! Check it out on J.Crew’s website! Additionally, I can’t not mention these incredible shoes. Hubbell Hille is a small, NJ, Woman Owned brand and these are possibly the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. They are linen, crested, smoking loafers (yes, fellow prepsters get your wallets out now)! Not only are they so cute, but they are pretty durable. I’ve brought them along this winter to some fairly rainy conditions, and they hold up wonderfully. There is a lot of great padding inside the shoe to absorb shock, and they have a small heel on the back which saves my arches! I LOVE these shoes, and definitely recommend them! (And hey, they are not affiliate marketed, so I don’t even make a commission if you click the link or buy- they are just THAT great). My only complaint is that they are a little heavy to pack, but I usually just bring them in my carry on instead of checked bag to save the weight.

We also shot in front of the LOVE Wall a few blocks away. Fortunately, it’s under a covered area, because the misty rain chose to kick up a LOT. (Nate was a really good sport about this…) He’s been a pretty good “husband of instagram” learning photography and helping with the blog.

Chicago had so many great places to explore! Get excited because I’ll be sharing some of our finds this week!

Outfit Details

Dress: J.Crew

Shoes: Hubbell Hille

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