Boden Jacket and Geometric Wall

I would describe my style as colorfully preppy and usually very much dress or skirt exclusive. It’s pretty feminine, and sparkly, and/or nautical. I’m usually not one to break out of that trend, but I LOVED this jacket as soon as I saw it! While stalking through the Boden sale because as I mentioned yesterday, I’m newly obsessed with them. This marching band- esque jacket was so unique and I really liked it, but I was a little hesitant about it. Would I be able to pull it off? Was I literally only interested in it because it was all marching band throwback and a little different?




It arrived, I was so excited to tear off the tissue and see. Fortunately, I was right! I absolutely love it!  I’m a little ashamed to admit, except sorry not sorry, that I wore it probably 3 out of 4 days of this trip. Partly because I just did NOT pack appropriately and this was the warmest piece of clothing I brought, (besides my heavy raincoat), and partly because it’s just a really cool piece. What surprised me the most was how versatile it is. It’s very distinctive, which made me think it wouldn’t be something I could wear with a lot of different outfits. (See, my Tommy jacket). I wear it like a jean jacket, and it’s just as cute over a little sweater dress as it is with white jeans and a cute top!







As I have previously mentioned, Chicago is just a treasure trove of cool walls! This geometric one is really cool, and I thought it would be a good backdrop for this equally fun jacket. It’s in a vibrant neighborhood, and actually is part of a giant advertisement. I think Chicago is a bit of a blogger’s dream when it comes to places to shoot! Fortunately, I have another couple of trips back to Chicago this year as of now, so hopefully, I’ll get the chance to explore more!

















I’m loving all the details on this jacket! I added these pretty, pink Loren Hope earrings because they’re so bright and cheery, they give a that perfect pop of contrast to this very blue outfit.







As mentioned, Boden is pretty amazing. Please give them a look!



Outfit Details

Jacket: Boden

Top: Bishop Boutique (Similar)

White Jeans: J.Crew Factory

Shoes: Loeffler Randall

Earrings: Loren Hope



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