1901 in Charlotte

The brand 1901 at Nordstrom is new to me, but as soon as I walked by the section I was drawn in by their cute ensembles. I really appreciate that they make inclusive sizing, and their clothes aren’t designed solely with size 0’s in mind. (not that there is anything wrong with a size zero, it’s just frustrating that so many brands only want women of that size wearing their clothing).


I liked this dress tremendously, and had been eyeing it for quite some time. Finally pulled the trigger and it seemed like just the bright and colorful look I wanted to bring with my on our trip to Charlotte, NC. It was very reasonably priced at $119, and it’s currently on sale for $72!




Heading back to Charlotte from the Society Social sample sale, (more on that in a later post), Nate and I stopped by a restaurant called Hello Sailor at Roxy’s suggestion. It felt like I had stepped into Palm Springs! I’ll post more later about the restaurant, but they had several beautiful places to shoot, including this gorgeous cactus wall! I only took a few shots because it’s right next to the bathroom, and there was a lot of traffic that needed to walk past me!




Loving this dress! I really like the ruffle hem and sleeves. I thought the green and light blue gingham was really pretty and rather unique. I haven’t seen this color play before. I paired the outfit with my now much beloved Loeffler’s which are quickly becoming my favorite heels! This cute bucket purse from Free People was a great addition. I love a cute summer bag!





Vibes! Am I standing by the Parker Palm Springs or a waterfront restaurant outside of Charlotte? If you get the chance to visit Nordstrom, definitely check out 1901. Beautifully made, extremely affordable, and really fun prints and cuts. Highly recommend!`









Dress: 1901

Shoes:  Loeffler Randall

Bag: Free People (Similar 1, Similar 2)



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