J.Crew Ruffle Dress on a Magic Carpet Ride

One of the things I was most excited to see in Charlotte, NC were the magic carpet street art! How pretty are these!? I thought the idea of a magic carpet mural on the sidewalk was so cool. I chose this one shoulder J.Crew dress with my fabulous pink ombre bow heels and my new tassel clutch from the Tiny Tassel.










I was really happy that we were able to make it to see one, but there are two things that I learned while we were shooting. Firstly, we had trouble finding this particular art work. (FYI, walk up to the train station, and it’s just past the station). The website directions aren’t too keen. The second was that the Charlotte humidity and heat are not my friend.






Unfortunately, because the humidity was insane and the temperature rose to the 90’s, these particular bow shoes (which are literally some of the prettiest and most comfortable heels I own), did not work well to trot around. My feet maaaaay have swollen a little, and the straps started cutting into my feet. Hence flats for the rest of the day! In the below photos you’ll see. Hair up. Flats on. We sat in the car with the ac cranked and I drank about a gallon of water, and felt immensely better. I am so impressed with what a fun, colorful city Charlotte is! I’ll post more about all the colorful sights, but here are a couple more walls that we found in the NoDa neighborhood!


Love the detail on this dress!





Jumping for joy!




Outfit Details

Dress: J.Crew

Bow Shoes: J.Crew

Flats: J.Crew Factory

Earrings: Loren Hope

Tassel Clutch: Tiny Tassel



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