White VV Seersucker in Asbury Park

I love being home at the Jersey Shore, especially in the summertime. One thing that I’ve realized is that when Nate and I go home to visit, we usually spend most of the time visiting. Because it’s my hometown, I never really go “exploring” as I would in other locations. This trip, I decided that I haven’t been to Asbury Park in the daytime in many, many years. I know that the town has been steadily evolving with fantastic restaurants while maintaining its historic culture. I thought taking a quick trip over to show Nate would be a good idea, and I was so right!



Not one to ever resist a seersucker dress, this white flouncy drop waist was right up my alley. It was light and fun for a walk on the boardwalk, and great against a colorful backdrop! I am used to things being a little large on me, being such a shortie, but I really liked this dress, especially the neck bow. I think on someone a little taller it would be absolute perfection, not to mention it’s on sale right now!!



It was so great to see so much street art in Asbury, and all over the Jersey Shore. I loved how vibrant and fun this particular piece was.

















We stopped into the Pavilion to fix my hair. As you can see from above, it was quite windy! This dress is easy and breezy, but it also falls beautifully when not caught up in a gust.




This pink and white Crepe Shop was too delectable for words! Up and down the boardwalk area adorable snack shops. In the early morning when they are closed, they are all painted different colors. It’s a photo shoot heaven. Sadly, though, to get the photo they are NOT open, which meant we couldn’t snag a delicious crepe.










Outfit Details

Dress: Vineyard Vines

Shoes: Kate Spade (Sandals, Wedges)

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