GMG Florals at the Yumi Kim Wall

This outstanding Gal Meets Glam dress was such a back and forth for me. As a 5′ tall lady with a long torso and super short legs, I’ve discovered over the years that maxi skirts and dresses tend to not work for me. To make the most of my short frame, I often will wear short skirts (or for me …skirts). I was in love with the flutter sleeves and the beautiful floral pattern when this dress debuted (I think it sold out in most sizes right away). I wavered back and forth about this dress. Always, I decided that maxis are not for me and I shouldn’t waste my time. By some twist of fate, when the first group of dresses went on sale, it appeared in my size. I figured for the price, why not give it a shot.


This dress is what dreams are made of. Instead of shortening my frame, I felt like it elongated me, and fit just right. It’s JUST a tad too long (trust me, that’s a win for me as most maxis are at least 6-7 inches past my feet. – true story, I’m literally that short). It’s also light and flowy, and easy to walk in without feeling constricted. Thank you Gal Meets Glam! Seriously. Trust in their maxis, I highly approve! Sadly, this particular dress is currently sold out.
This wall? I mean, who thinks of painting a wall AND the adjoining trash coverings. Lol. In one of the weirder finds of mine, I became obsessed with floral wall on the side of the Yumi Kim store in NYC. Hopped on up on the trash coverings, and got the perfect place for a photo.


So as a blogger, I know I’m supposed to be all about the writing… but there is so little to say here. One of the most amazing walls and one of the most amazing dresses I’ve shot to date. Ob. sessed. Now to figure out how to convince my HOA to let me do this at home!!














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