About Seersucker Optional

I have been recording my adventures, outfits, and everyday life, sporadically at first, and in the past years very regularly. I thought this would be a good place to record the many places I go, great meals that I eat, and outfits that I love. Thanks for stopping by!

You will see a lot of events and trade shows, food, fashion, travel, and fun!



About Mary



I am a meeting/event planner by day which takes me all over the US, and sometimes even off to adventure the world. For the past 5 years, I worked for a security association, so you will see a lot of security related events that I used to attend! I am currently an event consultant, so my travels are less security industry related. I am a Jersey girl currently living in Alexandria, VA right outside of Washington, DC with my husband Nate, and our two dogs, Mickey and Minerva.


I love seersucker, stripes, bows, pearls, high heels, cute flats, whimsical purses, statement jewelry, and home decor. I believe in timeless, classic style with a bit of flair. I love supporting women-owned and small businesses. I love traveling to exciting places, eating nice food, cooking, and have a weakness for high end hotels and spas.


I am huge fan of equestrian events, and we try to get out to see a couple every year. I love to meet people with similar interests and who like to discuss their favorite outfits and style moments.


Visit my Instagram and Snapchat for more of my daily moments! @mhigham

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