Color Factory NYC

The Color Factory in NYC is an adventure!! I had the privilege of seeing the first Color Factory in San Francisco! Somehow, I managed to get tickets to their second location in NYC. I'm a sucker for a pop up museum, and as I was so impressed by the quality of the first museum, I … Continue reading Color Factory NYC

Colorful Seoul Spots

Seoul, South Korea is one of my favorite cities in the world and I just can't stay away. One of my favorite aspects of Seoul is that there are always so many colorful things to see. Everytime I leave, there are still many unchecked items on my list! Here are a few of the latest … Continue reading Colorful Seoul Spots

National Building Museum’s FUN HOUSE

So, I did a poll on my instastories recently. Last year was such a roller coaster that a lot of content just didn't get posted. Last summer, Nate I had the delight of seeing the National Building Museum's FUNHOUSE exhibition. It was pretty delightful. Because the entire exhibit was white, I chose this incredible pastel … Continue reading National Building Museum’s FUN HOUSE

Museum of Ice Cream Pint Shop

Having a flashback Friday to when I visited the Museum of Ice Cream Pint Shop. This delectable drop-in, was so much fun!!   Having attended the Museum of Ice Cream in LA, I was sure that this was going to be a fun time, and oh, it certainly was!     They were serving samples … Continue reading Museum of Ice Cream Pint Shop

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying in Vineyard Vines

I am a huge musical nerd. Huge. One thing that I have discovered to be a problem with my currently lifestyle is that Nate and I do not at all take advantage of the fact we live in Washington, DC. Because we're both on travel so much, we dine out in other cities and explore … Continue reading How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying in Vineyard Vines

Washington International Horse Show

Every year, Nate and I love attending the Washington International Horse Show. We always do Friday night to see the Puissance and the speed jumping round. His company, has seats in the Player's Club suite, so every year, we get an exceptional seating experience. This year, we discovered that the WIHS was hosting a reception … Continue reading Washington International Horse Show