The Return of Ralph’s Coffee

One of my absolute favorite NYC haunts was always Ralph's Coffee. They had the most charming coffee shop inside of their 5th avenue store, and whenever I would come up to NYC, I'd make a beeline there. It was an incredible place to pass the time, get it your laptop and do some work, listen … Continue reading The Return of Ralph’s Coffee

The Oxford Exchange

The Oxford Exchange may literally be my new happy place. Yes, the hype is real. It's the most instagrammable place with a photographer's lighting dream! Just sitting here, sipping my coffee was pure serenity. If I could move in, my life would be fantastic. Lots of bloggers talk about how much they love this place, … Continue reading The Oxford Exchange

Tampa Dining

One of the best parts of being an event planner/consultant is that I get the frequently travel to places I have never been. It's a real joy to get to experience new places! Before I travel anywhere, I make a list of sights and restaurants that I'd like to see and eat at. Because I … Continue reading Tampa Dining

Ticket to Ride in Gal Meets Glam

One of my absolute places in NYC is the iconic and timeless Grand Central Station! I love just breathing in the atmosphere. People are always in a hurry and always on the go. It's such fantastic people watching and frankly, it's so full of incredible energy. Just walk into GC and find a place to … Continue reading Ticket to Ride in Gal Meets Glam

A Very Sparkly Visit from Loren Hope

When Loren (of Loren Hope) suggested that she stop by over Thanksgiving, I was so pumped! I found the perfect dress (well, the PERFECT dress was backordered so I went with the next best thing), prepared a simple breakfast meal, and had an OH CRAP ALL THOSE CLOSET UPGRADES I HAVE BEEN PUTTING OFF NEED … Continue reading A Very Sparkly Visit from Loren Hope

The Royal Wedding Pub Pop Up Bar

The team from Drink Company does it again! The Royal Wedding Pub is an EXCLUSIVE and LIMITED experience!! Get there before the weekend is over! (ie. Right. Now.)     I wish you could see this better! The Markle Sparkle has a pearlized sheen to it! MARKLE SPARKLE Aperol, Rosé Cider, Sparkling Water, Glitter   … Continue reading The Royal Wedding Pub Pop Up Bar

Rainbow and Unicorn Magic at the Flour Shop in NYC

Do you want to go to rainbow paradise? Step into NYC's Flour Shop for the most colorful experience! I had read about Flour Shop's gorgeous explosion cakes, and was dying to try one. Not for the faint of heart, they are not inexpensive, nor are the small ones truly tiny. Fortunately, Nate is an excellent … Continue reading Rainbow and Unicorn Magic at the Flour Shop in NYC