Friday Food: Seattle Eats 2

I am so excited to share today's Friday Food post with you all! As I mentioned in my last post, I am in love with Seattle. Not only for the amazing sights, but the dining options are exquisite. I had made an extensive bucket list last time, and managed to knock off almost all of … Continue reading Friday Food: Seattle Eats 2

Friday Food: Pierre’s in Bridgehampton

I really fell in love with Bridgehampton while we were out in the Hamptons. There is something very homey, and reminiscent of my own hometown. As we had never been, I looked up a series of restaurants for our dinner choices, and ultimately, settled on Pierre's.           Is there anything better … Continue reading Friday Food: Pierre’s in Bridgehampton

Friday Food: San Francisco Eats

I  managed to squeeze a lot of exciting things into such a short visit to San Francisco. This meant that I wasn't able to get in as many food moments as I would have liked, but still managed to find some tasty experiences. Here are a few of my favorite dining experiences from my most … Continue reading Friday Food: San Francisco Eats

Friday Food: While We Were Young and Coco and Cru in NYC

Dining in New York City is a wonderful experience. It can absolutely be overwhelming, because there are literally so many options to choose from you can get paralyzed with indecision. Fortunately, as we don't make it up to the City as much as I'd like, I still have a foodie bucket list a mile long. … Continue reading Friday Food: While We Were Young and Coco and Cru in NYC

The Best Big Easy Coffee Spots

It's hard to wrap up a trip to New Orleans without getting some of their signature Cafe au lait. While I was there last week, I got the chance to visit some great little coffee spots, and wanted to share them all with you.   LA BOULANGERIE   This is one of my favorites and … Continue reading The Best Big Easy Coffee Spots

Friday Food – New Orleans Tasty Bites 2

Returning to New Orleans guaranteed me some fantastic meals! I was tempted to try Bayona again, but instead opted for some new experiences.   As promised last time, here is a pic of the world's best reuben... except it was a little different than normal. It's usually larger. Perhaps they had a different chef this … Continue reading Friday Food – New Orleans Tasty Bites 2