Friday Food: Luke’s Lobster

In honor of National Lobster Day, I decided to do a Friday Food post about Luke's Lobster. I've been a fan of Luke's forever.   I love how you can walk off of a busy DC street right into a little shore place. Their decor is adorable and always makes me feel like I'm home.  … Continue reading Friday Food: Luke’s Lobster

Country Club Lunching

I have always been very fortunate in my friendships, and have been so lucky to become better friends with Gabrielle this past year. Not only do we have so many of the same interests, but living so close to one another has been delightful. As I work from home, and she has recently taken a sabbatical … Continue reading Country Club Lunching

Friday Food- Sarabeth’s 

A NYC staple is always Sarabeth's. They have an extensive brunch menu and when I learned that my friend Lauren from Hearst Media and old colleague Holly were available for a Saturday brunch, we knew this was the perfect spot. My trip to NYC was based on the AWE event at Kate Spade, but also to … Continue reading Friday Food- Sarabeth’s 

Tory Burch Dress at the Peninsula New York

I have always loved the Peninsula Hotel in New York City. The location is wonderful (5th and 55th?) and the atmosphere is very serene. I like to stop in for a cocktail when I get the chance, and just take a few to breathe. As mentioned, I have a thing for classic Manhattan hotels and … Continue reading Tory Burch Dress at the Peninsula New York

Friday Food: José Andrés’ Fish at MGM National Harbor

A whole host of new, big name restaurants have come with the opening of the new MGM in National Harbor. One is DC staple José Andrés's Fish.  Cheddar biscuits? Yes, please!  We started off with the Lobster Bisque. One always should appreciate a tableside soup pour. It was flavorful and very smooth. The Maryland Crab … Continue reading Friday Food: José Andrés’ Fish at MGM National Harbor