Friday Food: Luke’s Lobster

In honor of National Lobster Day, I decided to do a Friday Food post about Luke's Lobster. I've been a fan of Luke's forever.   I love how you can walk off of a busy DC street right into a little shore place. Their decor is adorable and always makes me feel like I'm home.  … Continue reading Friday Food: Luke’s Lobster

Friday Food- Sarabeth’s 

A NYC staple is always Sarabeth's. They have an extensive brunch menu and when I learned that my friend Lauren from Hearst Media and old colleague Holly were available for a Saturday brunch, we knew this was the perfect spot. My trip to NYC was based on the AWE event at Kate Spade, but also to … Continue reading Friday Food- Sarabeth’s 

Friday Food: José Andrés’ Fish at MGM National Harbor

A whole host of new, big name restaurants have come with the opening of the new MGM in National Harbor. One is DC staple José Andrés's Fish.  Cheddar biscuits? Yes, please!  We started off with the Lobster Bisque. One always should appreciate a tableside soup pour. It was flavorful and very smooth. The Maryland Crab … Continue reading Friday Food: José Andrés’ Fish at MGM National Harbor

Friday Food: Farmers and Distillers Lunch

I finally made it over the Farmer's & Distillers the other day, which I have been dying to try. As I am a huge fan of their sister restaurants, so was eager to see if F&D was equivalent.     They definitely showcase the Distillers part of the name! Their bar was beautiful and I … Continue reading Friday Food: Farmers and Distillers Lunch

Friday Food: RPM Italian DC

I was very lucky to attend a dinner with industry colleagues at RPM Italian in DC. I've been dying to try it for months, but hadn't made it over there yet.   Firstly, the restaurant is gorgeous. The lighting is beautiful and creates a great ambiance.     We started with the chilled seafood tower. … Continue reading Friday Food: RPM Italian DC

Baltimore Evening and Dinner at Ouzo Bay

Even though we live fairly nearby, I spend zero time in Baltimore. My friend Jenn was in town for a veterinary conference, so I decided to head up to Baltimore to meet her for dinner. Nate and I coordinated him meeting up with one of his friends for dinner as well, but the timing got … Continue reading Baltimore Evening and Dinner at Ouzo Bay

Deep Blu Dining in Orlando

I spend a great deal of time in Orlando for work. And while the palm trees and sunshine are nothing to sneeze at, I have not been overwhelmed with my dining choices as a foodie who tends to avoid chain restaurants. (The exception being of course, Ocean Prime, because it's just a spectacular establishment, and … Continue reading Deep Blu Dining in Orlando