Country Club Lunching

I have always been very fortunate in my friendships, and have been so lucky to become better friends with Gabrielle this past year. Not only do we have so many of the same interests, but living so close to one another has been delightful. As I work from home, and she has recently taken a sabbatical … Continue reading Country Club Lunching

Twirling in City Center 

City Center in Washington, DC has changed out the string lights to these gorgeous paper lanterns. I stopped by to check them out, and do a little window shopping.     This outfit makes me incredibly happy. I was thrilled to find this velvet pleated midi skirt from ASOS! I love a good pleated skirt, and to find … Continue reading Twirling in City Center 

Pietro Nolita and Stella 34 Trattoria in NYC

It was an insane couple of days in New York, but I managed to squeeze in two dinners with friends to places I had not tried before. Everyone has been raving about Pietro Nolita, so I felt that I needed to check it out!   Firstly, this restaurant is SMALL. They had interesting table configurations … Continue reading Pietro Nolita and Stella 34 Trattoria in NYC

Cha Cha Matcha

I have done a lot of reading lately on matcha. It is a form of green tea that is grown differently and powdered, therefore giving you the benefits of the entire tea leaf, and not just the brew. It is supposedly extremely rich in antioxidants and great for flushing toxins and boosting metabolism. Everyone has been … Continue reading Cha Cha Matcha