DC Pride Weekend

DC Pride is always a fun week. It's fantastic to see the city lit up in support of the LGBTQ community and to have DC show that it's a safe place for love.   I thought that the other heart wall at Union Market would be a good message for this weekend. #NeverGiveUp.     … Continue reading DC Pride Weekend

Travel Tips from a Frequent Flier

Everyone thinks that when you travel as often as I do that it's a glamorous life. In reality, I pretty much live like George Clooney in Up in the Air.  I thought I would share some airport tips today, as I make a ridiculous trek to to Boston for a proposal meeting. 1. Find comfortable, … Continue reading Travel Tips from a Frequent Flier

The Glamorous Event Consultant Life

Six months ago, I left my position to get myself readjusted and I have been doing contract and consulting work since then. This has me working from wherever a client needs me. I've been doing a lot of onsite work mainly in NYC these last few months, but also Minneapolis, Florida, and even got paid to … Continue reading The Glamorous Event Consultant Life