Lavender Dreams on MacDougal Street

I have always been obsessed with the color lavender. It just makes me really, really happy. And though I've always found jewel tones to suit me best when it comes to color palettes, I have WILLED myself to be able to wear lavender, otherwise life would just be so sad. I was at Anthropologie a … Continue reading Lavender Dreams on MacDougal Street

Colorfully Pink in Manhattan

I spent last week in NYC with Nate. It has always astounded me how much color there is to find in this incredible city... especially since it is known for being a city where everyone wears such dark colors. I have never been one to blend in... I love making a statement. Everytime I come … Continue reading Colorfully Pink in Manhattan

Color Factory NYC

The Color Factory in NYC is an adventure!! I had the privilege of seeing the first Color Factory in San Francisco! Somehow, I managed to get tickets to their second location in NYC. I'm a sucker for a pop up museum, and as I was so impressed by the quality of the first museum, I … Continue reading Color Factory NYC

Colorful Seoul Spots

Seoul, South Korea is one of my favorite cities in the world and I just can't stay away. One of my favorite aspects of Seoul is that there are always so many colorful things to see. Everytime I leave, there are still many unchecked items on my list! Here are a few of the latest … Continue reading Colorful Seoul Spots

The Oxford Exchange

The Oxford Exchange may literally be my new happy place. Yes, the hype is real. It's the most instagrammable place with a photographer's lighting dream! Just sitting here, sipping my coffee was pure serenity. If I could move in, my life would be fantastic. Lots of bloggers talk about how much they love this place, … Continue reading The Oxford Exchange

Tampa Dining

One of the best parts of being an event planner/consultant is that I get the frequently travel to places I have never been. It's a real joy to get to experience new places! Before I travel anywhere, I make a list of sights and restaurants that I'd like to see and eat at. Because I … Continue reading Tampa Dining

Architectural Glamming in Tampa

The University of Tampa is home to the Henry B. Plant Museum, formerly the Tampa Bay Hotel. This architectural marvel opened in 1891 and was built for $3M by J.A. Wood. The lavish hotel closed in 1930, and in 1933, the Tampa Bay Junior College was allowed to move in. As they expanded into Tampa … Continue reading Architectural Glamming in Tampa