Bangkok Temples and Palaces

As I have already written about, Bangkok was like no where else I had ever been. That was equally true of the temples and palaces that can only be described as wonders. Now, I've seen my share of temples and palaces. China's Forbidden City, Korea's Gyeonbokgung Palace and stunning Buddhist temples, Catedrals and Cathedrals in Barcelona, … Continue reading Bangkok Temples and Palaces

Best of Miami Guide

Before last year, I hadn't been to Miami in over a decade. I had always maintained a view of Miami as being filled with beautiful people and luxury living, but very little culture. I could not have been more wrong. Miami is one of the most colorful and vibrant places I have ever been to. … Continue reading Best of Miami Guide

San Francisco Colorful Sights

I adore San Francisco. I have family there, so I try to visit whenever I can. I went out on a VERY brief trip to see a tradeshow recently, and was so excited to be able to secure Color Factory tickets. (More to come on that). Since I was in such a colorful mood, I … Continue reading San Francisco Colorful Sights

Seoul Sights: Temples and Palaces

Because Nate and I had never been to Seoul, nor did we know anyone who lives there- we called our travel agent to book us some tours while we were there. Today, I'm sharing some of the most impressive sights which are the buddhist temples and the imperial palaces.     On our Gangnam Tour, … Continue reading Seoul Sights: Temples and Palaces

Kate Spade Dress and Colorful NYC Moments

I took advantage of the beautiful weather to break out this delightful Kate Spade dress! I recently found it restocked in my size during their flash sale and was so excited! They sold out of my size and everything larger, so I couldn't even get it in a bigger size and tailor it. The pleats … Continue reading Kate Spade Dress and Colorful NYC Moments

Palm Beach Sights and Shops

Palm Beach was just heavenly! Nate and I REALLY enjoyed our stay!! There is a small town beauty and grace that makes the whole area serene and calm. We drove and walked down so many palm tree lined streets!   The architecture is stunning! I was particularly struck by this building. Lifeguard stands and palm … Continue reading Palm Beach Sights and Shops

The Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is by far the most magnificent structure I have ever seen in my life. The fact that it's not even close to completed is shocking! This is truly Gaudi's masterpiece, and Gaudi has built other stunning testaments.   Carrie and I were beyond excited to experience this. We signed up for a … Continue reading The Sagrada Familia