Love in the Big Easy´╗┐

Nate and I both travel a lot for work. Almost always, separately. Because I now work remotely, and am no longer bound by punching a time card in the office (metaphorically), I decided that rather sit at home while he's gone for a month, I'd come along with him on some of his travels. After … Continue reading Love in the Big Easy´╗┐

Friday Food: Seattle Eats

For today's Friday Food, I wanted to share some of the INCREDIBLE dining that Seattle has to offer! It's an AMAZING city, and we ate far too well!   POKE SQUARE Stopped in here for a quick working lunch with the fantastic ladies of Davies + Dixon. One thing I noticed about Seattle is that … Continue reading Friday Food: Seattle Eats

Friday Food – Pizza Bomb and Other Seoul Food

Food in Korea was an EXPERIENCE. Even outside of our food tours with T, we managed to discover a plethora of incredible edibles.     MILLENIUM SEOUL HILTON When we first arrived, we stayed at the Millennium Seoul Hilton, which was a fantastic property. They had a beautiful in house restaurant (several in fact), though … Continue reading Friday Food – Pizza Bomb and Other Seoul Food

Seoul Hunters Korean Food Tours

Hands down, without a doubt, the best thing we did in Seoul (aside from teaching my class), was to sign up for the Seoul Hunter's Korean Food Tour. If you ever go to Seoul, YOU MUST DO THIS TOUR. It's a small startup business between two gentlemen. Our tour was with T, who speaks flawless … Continue reading Seoul Hunters Korean Food Tours

Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar

In honor of the premiere of Game of Thrones last night, I'm going to give you all a tour of the incredible and fabulous #GOTPUB pop up in Washington, DC.   The team at Drink Company has done it again, with another incredible pop up bar. The Miracle on 7th Christmas Bar was spectacular, to … Continue reading Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar

Return to Miracle on 7th St

Since the Christmas Bar closes and returns to its normal bars after New Years, Nate and decided to have one last hurrah (and see Matt Fox because it was his last night bartending). Between these visits I think we crossed off almost every drink on the menu!     I wore my green tartan dress … Continue reading Return to Miracle on 7th St

LA Shenanigans

I had a fabulous, though brief, time in Los Angeles. There are always so many colorful things to see and do! Here are a few sights!   The Walt Disney Concert Hall is really cool. So impressive even just to walk by.   Palm Trees in December!   I threw on this fabulous dress and … Continue reading LA Shenanigans