Draper James at the Montgomery County Fair

Every year, the Montgomery County Fair arrives. I've been a few times over the years, but it had been at least 5 years since my last visit. I think fairs are a lot of fun, so I suggested to Nate that we make the trip up to Maryland this year. Going on a Sunday, the … Continue reading Draper James at the Montgomery County Fair

Best of Seattle Part 2

As I have been saying Seattle is fantastic. There were two areas in particular that I wanted to showcase that deserved their own post. The Volunteer Park Conservatory and the Gas Works Park.   The Volunteer Park Conservatory is tiny Eden in the middle of the city. If you love gardens, or even if you don't, … Continue reading Best of Seattle Part 2

Draper James Umbrella Dress in Rainy Seoul

Greetings from South Korea! After 16 hours of travel, and a jam packed weekend of adventures, I thought I'd make a quick update from Seoul! So far, Nate and I are having a wonderful time! The city is beautiful, and our current hotel, the Millenium Hilton is just lovely. After one final tour, we'll be … Continue reading Draper James Umbrella Dress in Rainy Seoul

Red, White, and Preppy Low Key 4th

What a crazy weekend! Because we have a huge international trip coming up this week (more on that later), my mother came down to visit (and pick up our dogs to watch while we're gone) and we also have a last minute visit from our friend Dan. We took mom out to some nice meals … Continue reading Red, White, and Preppy Low Key 4th

Cold Day in Alexandria

The weather in the MidAtlantic is incredibly unpredictable. It was a beautiful week in the 70's, and suddenly it turned below freezing with snow falls. The warm weather had caused the cherry blossoms to bloom, so it was an interesting dichotomy between the snow and the delicate white flowers.   Such sweet little beauties!   For me, it … Continue reading Cold Day in Alexandria

Chasing U Street Butterflies in Draper James

I love street art and one of the best places in DC to find it is U Street. With this heatwave in February, I thought I would embrace the warmth and spend the day outside! This Draper James top and skirt were the perfect combo to "chase" the U Street butterflies! I love that this … Continue reading Chasing U Street Butterflies in Draper James

Rooftop Party with a View 

It was a gorgeous weekend! My friend Alex has an amazing office roof terrace, and he decided to host a little party! It is a very desirable location. The terrace adjoins another terrace where all of the newscasters shoot footage because it is overlooking the White House. Politics aside, it's a magnificent view of DC … Continue reading Rooftop Party with a View