New Year, New Adventures, and a trip to Salvation Mountain

Hi everyone! As I kick of the new year, you'll be seeing some changes to the blog: all for the better. Expect a new layout, and new web design to come in the next month or so. Also, from a content perspective, my life has changed rather radically in terms of my job, so I … Continue reading New Year, New Adventures, and a trip to Salvation Mountain

Lilly in Las Vegas

Another fabulous find from the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. So what that my APS arrived well into the end of September. I'm finding ways to wear my Lilly, and this tunic dress was just the ticket in Las Vegas!     My dear friend Melissa and I spent the day in downtown Las Vegas, … Continue reading Lilly in Las Vegas

Lilly Pulitzer by the Potomac

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale has always been a little bit of a cluster. To be fair, it's a matter of endurance to reap the greatest LP rewards, but I was pretty pleased with what I was able to purchase this year. I was not pleased that it took over a month to receive … Continue reading Lilly Pulitzer by the Potomac

Lilly Pulitzer Stripes in ´╗┐Seoul

When packing for Seoul, we were dismayed to see that the weather forecast predicted rain the entire trip. Apparently it was right smack at the end of their rainy season, but it curtailed my packing because I needed to find outfits that wouldn't get ruined in the rain. I bought this dress months ago at … Continue reading Lilly Pulitzer Stripes in ´╗┐Seoul

National Wear Your Lilly Day x TradeShowLife

When you are onsite at a conference in Las Vegas and it's National Wear Your Lilly Pulitzer Day, sometimes you can convince you good friend Jules Clifford of Event Photography of North America to do a little blog photo shoot for you while there isn't a line at the SLO MO Video booth. Just saying... … Continue reading National Wear Your Lilly Day x TradeShowLife

Lilly x Starbucks and Unicorn Macarons

As soon as I hear rumors of the collaboration, I really wanted a Lilly Swell bottle. I knew that they would sell out instantly. I stalked all the local Starbucks. I called around. Most in my area didn't receive them, and the two that did were sold out long before the release date. No one … Continue reading Lilly x Starbucks and Unicorn Macarons

White Dress on Black Broadway

U Street is an area that is gentrifying quickly, so it is nice to see that it still retains some of its roots. U Street used to be Black Broadway and some of the greatest musicians played. I was so sad when Bohemian Caverns closed. It felt like another sign of an era ending. I … Continue reading White Dress on Black Broadway