Autumn in Annapolis

Nate and I were briefly in Annapolis and designed to take a quick walk around the waterfront before we headed home.     In terms of a casual fall day, this turtleneck striped top from J.Crew is exactly what to wear. The shirt is a thicker fabric, great for a chilly day, and the neckline … Continue reading Autumn in Annapolis

Seersucker Dress and the Spanish Galleon

Once a year, El Galeon, the Spanish Galleon docks in Old Town Alexandria, and it's always a sight to see. One of the many reasons that we chose Old Town Alexandria was due to the proximity to the waterfront. While it's not the beach, on a warm sunny day, being able to take a walk … Continue reading Seersucker Dress and the Spanish Galleon

Jenn and Mark’s Rehearsal Dinner

After a great time in Atlanta, we made it up to Duluth, GA. We were not without our obstacles. It was pouring rain, so doing a rehearsal in an outdoor venue seemed silly. We rehearsed in a very small space. It was weird having someone else as the wedding planner, but I suppose it wouldn't … Continue reading Jenn and Mark’s Rehearsal Dinner