Watermelons on Watermelons in Maryland

Nate and I went up to Maryland to visit with several of his old friends whom I haven't met. They wanted to have a crab feast, which I normally cannot participate in because of the Old Bay and the Pepper Allergy. Somehow, they managed to secure me six unseasoned crabs, which was AMAZING.   Not … Continue reading Watermelons on Watermelons in Maryland

Pops of Yellow on a Winter Day

I have always been a big believe in bright colors. Even in the winter months, a good pop of color can brighten up a dreary landscape. This winter in DC has been pretty up and down in terms of weather, (or so I have heard since I wasn't home for much of it so far), … Continue reading Pops of Yellow on a Winter Day

Holiday Cheer

We had a wonderful holiday at home with family. Because my schedule is so bananas, I have only been home once or twice this year... even missing Thanksgiving. Getting to spend the weekend with my parents, brother, Nate, and the pups, was such a gift. I got to visit with my cousin Katie and her … Continue reading Holiday Cheer

Purple Houndstooth

When I saw this J.Crew Blazer, I feel like t had been specially designed just for me! This was a very J.Crew day, pairing this fun, colorful blazer with a pink camisole and jeans. Blazer: J.Crew | Camisole: J.Crew Factory | Jeans: J.Crew Factory | Jewelry: Loren Hope | Flats: Talbots

Christmas Bar Outfits

We had such a fun time at the Miracle on 7th Street and to pay homage, we decided to get dressed up! Nate and I invited our friend Kim to join us, especially because our friend Matt Fox was bartending! It was so much fun being in such a festive environment and trying all the … Continue reading Christmas Bar Outfits

Plaid Puffer Vest

Nate and I decided to take a walk on this beautiful winter day. Nate got to wear his new gingham cuff pants from J.Crew and I thought it was the perfect weather for my new plaid puffer vest from Talbots. I paired it with this striped shirt from the Loft outlet and my J.Crew loafers. … Continue reading Plaid Puffer Vest