International Women’s Day: How to Get Started on Your Dream Life.

Today is International Women's Day, and I am filled with the desire to tackle a mountain, which it feels like I have considering the amount of work that piled up while I was home sick. Last year I found myself reflecting on all of the incredible women that inspire me. This year, I want to … Continue reading International Women’s Day: How to Get Started on Your Dream Life.

Best of Nashville Guide

I love traveling to and exploring cities, but it's especially fun for me when I have never been there before! This was my first trip to Nashville, and I was so excited to check out Music City! Based on recommendations from the CVB, Lyft drivers, and responses to my insta-stories, I made it to almost … Continue reading Best of Nashville Guide

J.Crew Portfolio Dress and Striped Heels

I had an Executive Committee board meeting for the Association for Women in Events. Carrie, Kiki, Mas, and I convened at Mas's office in Downtown DC and powered through an aggressive business agenda. (Terrible angle, but we had to use my wifi remote on my camera because there was noone to take our photo).     … Continue reading J.Crew Portfolio Dress and Striped Heels

Babes in Barcelona 2

Barcelona has so many beautiful details! Carrie and I decided to go down to the marina for lunch.     These architectural details are amazing.   For our last night, we decided to grab drinks at the W Hotel. Can't beat that view! I love this cute Lilly Dress and these pretty Lisi Lerch earrings … Continue reading Babes in Barcelona 2

Babes and Bites in Barcelona

Carrie and I had the BEST time! We drank amazing cocktails and ate delicious food.       Getting dressed in our little apartment! Wine, wine, wine! Carrie got this giant bowl of peppers. haha. NOPE.                      

The Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is by far the most magnificent structure I have ever seen in my life. The fact that it's not even close to completed is shocking! This is truly Gaudi's masterpiece, and Gaudi has built other stunning testaments.   Carrie and I were beyond excited to experience this. We signed up for a … Continue reading The Sagrada Familia

Gaudi Gems

The Gaudi architecture is some of the most unique and stunning designs in the world.   The Casa Battlo is my obsession. It looks like it's crusted with countless gems. Everything from the colors to the balcony and window shapes, is unique and fascinating. The Casa Mila is equally stunning in it's unique shapes and … Continue reading Gaudi Gems