Draper James at Palm Leaf Wall in Chicago

Draper James does it again! I LOVE this brand- to be fair, I love anything associated with Reese Witherspoon, and I own a lot of her dresses. This sweater dress has been heralded by many, but as sweater dresses tend to not be a great fit for me, I avoided this one simply because I … Continue reading Draper James at Palm Leaf Wall in Chicago

Boden Jacket and Geometric Wall

I would describe my style as colorfully preppy and usually very much dress or skirt exclusive. It's pretty feminine, and sparkly, and/or nautical. I'm usually not one to break out of that trend, but I LOVED this jacket as soon as I saw it! While stalking through the Boden sale because as I mentioned yesterday, … Continue reading Boden Jacket and Geometric Wall

Boden Shirtdress at the Flamingo Wall

My greatest Chicago wishlist Wall is the absolutely stunning Flamingo Wall at the Rum Club. It's outstanding, and kind of all my dreams come true. There are MASSIVE flamingos! With a wall this grand, I decided to wear something simple to not detract from the wall. I discovered a brand literally through their own marketing … Continue reading Boden Shirtdress at the Flamingo Wall

J.Crew Black and White Gingham Three Ways

Gingham is one of my favorite fabrics and this beautiful black and white checked gingham has simply exploded this season! I l love to keep things colorful, so I was having a bit of dilemma when it came to these beautiful options. I ultimately realized that pink pops even better against black or white, so … Continue reading J.Crew Black and White Gingham Three Ways

Love and Rugby Stripes in Chicago

Recently, Nate and I were invited to Chicago for our friend's wedding. We hadn't been to Chicago together since we got engaged in 2013, and there were so many things to see and do in the city since then! One thing I was really excited about was that I had a whole bunch of outfits … Continue reading Love and Rugby Stripes in Chicago

Chicago for Police Chiefs

Spent the week at the Chiefs of Police show with the team.   Matt and Crystal and I worked the event to talk to our existing exhibitors.   We made a quick pitstop at the bean to take a group pic.     Managed to meet up with my dear friend Rosanne! We met Rosanne … Continue reading Chicago for Police Chiefs