Best of Miami Guide

Before last year, I hadn't been to Miami in over a decade. I had always maintained a view of Miami as being filled with beautiful people and luxury living, but very little culture. I could not have been more wrong. Miami is one of the most colorful and vibrant places I have ever been to. … Continue reading Best of Miami Guide

Loren Hope and Lilly in South Beach

This glorious Loren Hope necklace feels like it was made for Miami! From the minute I saw it, I was in love. Unfortunately for me, I am not yet a gabillionaire (Nate and I still have crazy things like paying the mortgage and living expenses to cover...), and I had just recently ordered two absolutely … Continue reading Loren Hope and Lilly in South Beach

J.Crew Sequin Dress in Miami

One of the things that really makes Miami stand out is its very sleek and glamorous style. I had been eyeing this J.Crew sequin dress for months and months with the intention of wearing it for New Years Eve. In a true story life behind the scenes moment- I can reveal that I flew home … Continue reading J.Crew Sequin Dress in Miami

ASOS Sequin “Ice Cream” Dress

It's very obvious that I love brightly colored dresses from ASOS. I found this tie strap sequin dress a long time ago, but I never thought it would fit, because on the website, it doesn't look cut for someone with my proportions. It recently went on sale, and as I have been eying it for … Continue reading ASOS Sequin “Ice Cream” Dress

Wining and Dining Up the Floridian Coast

We ate so well in Florida! With the exception of Nate landed very late our first night, and though we were exhausted, we ended up walking across the street from our hotel to get wings at the Checkers. Extreme #glamfood , hahahaha. The next morning, we decided to explore the Wynwood Art District and get … Continue reading Wining and Dining Up the Floridian Coast

Cold Shoulder Red Maxi Dress

I got this floaty, cold shoulder maxi dress at the Michael Kors outlet in the Black Friday sales! It's really pretty, though a little outside of my normal style, so I have been saving it for the right occasion. An evening out in Miami seemed just the ticket! Paired it with white heels from French … Continue reading Cold Shoulder Red Maxi Dress

White Lilly and Signature Loren Hope in Miami´╗┐

To get away from the influx of chaos brought on by the Inauguration, Nate and I decided to head for sunnier climates, and as our many travels had taken neither of us to Miami in the past decade or so, we decided to head there!   We had a beautiful day exploring the Wynwood Arts … Continue reading White Lilly and Signature Loren Hope in Miami´╗┐