Love in the Big Easy

Nate and I both travel a lot for work. Almost always, separately. Because I now work remotely, and am no longer bound by punching a time card in the office (metaphorically), I decided that rather sit at home while he's gone for a month, I'd come along with him on some of his travels. After … Continue reading Love in the Big Easy

EDIT Shows NYWFashion 2017

This week was one of the best event experiences I have had. I was given the opportunity to do some onsite work for my friend Alexandra. Alex is the Show Director of EDIT, a high end fashion tradeshow that is owned and put on by the same group as Coterie, Moda, and others.   EDIT blew … Continue reading EDIT Shows NYWFashion 2017

Last Day of Expo!Expo!

Love seeing these beautiful ladies! Brooke and Kiki and I have spent so many hours working together on the Young Professionals Committee in the past, and it's rare we get to be together as the three of us!     My friend Alex won the Young Professional of the Year award! I won in 2012, … Continue reading Last Day of Expo!Expo!

Expo!Expo! Tradeshow Life

After a fantastic Andy Grammer concert and opening reception, it was time for business. The tradeshow aspect of Expo!Expo! is my favorite, because it allows me to see the newest technology and offerings in the industry. Additionally, it allows vendors to win my love over with things like gigantic plates of macarons. It's like T3 knew … Continue reading Expo!Expo! Tradeshow Life