Some Tips for the Travel Life

We all have our own travel routines and strategies. I often get asked how I manage when my travel schedule gets really heavy and it feels like I'm living hotel to hotel.     It's very important to invest in great luggage. Five years ago, I got a fantastic, matching set of purple Samsonites, and … Continue reading Some Tips for the Travel Life

Kennedy Dress at the Roosevelt Hotel

This Camilyn Beth Kennedy dress was so adorable, it needed its own post! It's been sitting in my closet for ages, and it's currently on sale!!   You can't go wrong with a black dress, and I am always one for a collar. This dress piqued my interested because it has the collar in the … Continue reading Kennedy Dress at the Roosevelt Hotel

Fabulous Friends and Refreshing Facials in New Orleans

So, I've explained before how I met Blair and Lindsay - and yes, we met via our love (cough, obsession), with Loren Hope jewelry. #LorenHope truly creates friendships! (I mean hey, my friend Natalie and I met because we were both wearing LH Alex Cuffs to an industry luncheon). When I was down in New Orleans … Continue reading Fabulous Friends and Refreshing Facials in New Orleans

New Orleans for AUVSI

Had the opportunity to attend the Unmanned Vehicle event in New Orleans. Even more fortunately, the Roosevelt (one of my favorite hotels in the country). had a flash sale, and I got a cheaper rate with them than at the main hotel blocks for the conference. (For the record, as a show organizer, I am … Continue reading New Orleans for AUVSI

Birthday Weekend in NOLA

I was very excited to learn that a client needed me to go to New Orleans for a site visit. I was super excited to learn that the timing coinciding with a trunk show that Social Hour (Blair) was putting on AND that Loren Barham (of Loren Hope) herself was going to be there. I mean, … Continue reading Birthday Weekend in NOLA