Rainbow and Unicorn Magic at the Flour Shop in NYC

Do you want to go to rainbow paradise? Step into NYC's Flour Shop for the most colorful experience! I had read about Flour Shop's gorgeous explosion cakes, and was dying to try one. Not for the faint of heart, they are not inexpensive, nor are the small ones truly tiny. Fortunately, Nate is an excellent … Continue reading Rainbow and Unicorn Magic at the Flour Shop in NYC

Unicorn Cocktails

Let's end the weekend with a party! In honor of #NationalUnicornDay, I think it is appropriate to show you all how to make Unicorn Cocktails! Firstly, start with some rainbow sherbet. Using a cocktail shaker, I add a little ginger ale and some rose. (Champagne or prosecco  are also appropriate). To top it off, I … Continue reading Unicorn Cocktails

Lilly x Starbucks and Unicorn Macarons

As soon as I hear rumors of the collaboration, I really wanted a Lilly Swell bottle. I knew that they would sell out instantly. I stalked all the local Starbucks. I called around. Most in my area didn't receive them, and the two that did were sold out long before the release date. No one … Continue reading Lilly x Starbucks and Unicorn Macarons

Unicorn Pants

The Unicorn Pants from J.Crew are superb. I was so thrilled to get a pair, since they sold out so quickly in most sizes. They were very silky with little structure. Extremely comfortable and very beautiful. They look very similar to the tapestries at the Met. I was worried that they'd be too out there, … Continue reading Unicorn Pants