Colorfully Pink in Manhattan

I spent last week in NYC with Nate. It has always astounded me how much color there is to find in this incredible city... especially since it is known for being a city where everyone wears such dark colors. I have never been one to blend in... I love making a statement. Everytime I come … Continue reading Colorfully Pink in Manhattan

Champagne Camilyn Beth in Crystal City

When I first saw this champagne colored Camilyn Beth design, I thought it was an absolute dream! I LOVE the flutter neckline with it's cape like qualities, but to be honest, I don't really wear champagne. I've found with my skintone that it's not usually the greatest. When I visited the Camilyn Beth Studio in … Continue reading Champagne Camilyn Beth in Crystal City

Tampa Walls

I was in town for a client's conference, and flew in a day early on Saturday so that Sunday (our travel day) would be free to explore. My dear friend Sarah was supposed to come over from Orlando and shoot with me, and it TORRENTIALLY downpoured ALL DAY. Even when the rain finally let up, … Continue reading Tampa Walls

Rose Gold Glamming

This Gal Meets Glam dress is... fabulous. Rose gold sequins with a full twirling skirt? All of my dreams came true. The best part? It just went on sale!! This may be the most glamorous of all the Gal Meets Glam dresses. It's got these darling puffed sleeves and the skirt is full and so … Continue reading Rose Gold Glamming

Let’s Always Be Colorful and Fancy

Sometimes, you need to focus on the good. Last year was such a roller coaster of emotions. One of my 2019 goals is to bring back a sense of color and sunshine and whimsy! It's important to think positive and radiate it wherever you go. Let every day be filled with fascinators and fanciness and … Continue reading Let’s Always Be Colorful and Fancy

GMG Florals at the Yumi Kim Wall

This outstanding Gal Meets Glam dress was such a back and forth for me. As a 5' tall lady with a long torso and super short legs, I've discovered over the years that maxi skirts and dresses tend to not work for me. To make the most of my short frame, I often will wear … Continue reading GMG Florals at the Yumi Kim Wall

Sparkly Savannah Blues

Well, I think whatever side of the political spectrum you sit on, last night was a doozy. I think we should all take a deep breath, and exhale deeply. One of my favorite calming techniques is to focus on a place or time that makes you happy. In doing so, let's continue my Savannah reminiscence. … Continue reading Sparkly Savannah Blues